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About Us

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About Us

Daniel Fradkin
Founder, Director of Operations
Daniel’s lifelong passion for cats culminated into a Maine Coon breeding program in 2018 (Noble Manes Cattery & Rescue). Over the years Daniel has established one of the most technically advanced programs with a central focus on animal health and wellbeing. In 2021 Daniel founded Noble Manes Clinic & Laboratory to bring laboratory testing and animal care in-house for his breeding program. Over the course of the next year Daniel started providing his partner catteries with laboratory and clinical services, and seeing a greater need in the breeder community launched in early 2023. This online platform, for the first time gives feline and canine breeders access to a full suite of laboratory testing at breeder friendly pricing. When not birthing a litter or mentoring a fellow breeder, you will likely find Daniel at a farmer’s market; his happy place.
Nikkole Grajales
Hospital Manager / Senior Technician
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